From working in small-town newsrooms and a national bureau, my experience spans a wide range of disciplines in communication and programming. Here are a few projects I've worked on in the past.

Bits and bytes

I like tinkering on projects on my own and for work. At The Register-Guard I have pieced together several digital tools for both front and back-end systems.

  • RSS >>> Publish - A Python script that reads an RSS feed, checks for new content and sends that data to an API (currently configured to send tweets with a custom short link)
  • RG DFP - Comprehensive documentation for The Register-Guard DFP implementation I conducted
  • MailChimp API contribution - Useful, commented Python scripts for the official MailChimp API to create and send campaigns
  • Sheets2SVG - Script to convert a published Google chart into an SVG file that you can work with in Adobe Illustrator
  • Twitter list to CSV - Organizes members of a Twitter list into a CSV, helpful for journalists needing information on lists with hundreds of members (I made it specifically to look at the USATF twitter list for potential Olympians competing in the 2016 USA Track & Field Trials)
  • ssp api - A JSON api from the now defunct Slideshow Pro so that you don't need to use their Flash-based viewer
  • I've also worked on Tarbell, Django and InterSystems Caché projects but those repos are private

Story production

While working at The Register-Guard it's been my privilege to work with reporters and photographers in producing special online presentations.


My introduction to journalism was through photography and since those early yearbook days, I've been able to shoot for several organizations including a creative firm and multiple media organizations.


While at the University of Colorado - Boulder I invested a lot of time into student media and as Editor-in-Chief I produced this marketing video for the organization.