In brief

  • Journalist and web developer interested in improving user experience and engagement with the brand
  • Familiar with a number of tools to create and maintain websites from HTML/CSS/JS to Python
  • Life-long learner
  • Hiker, camper, cyclist

Work experience

2014-2017 | Digital Developer/Producer, The Register-Guard

  • Maintain and improve websites while reducing technical debt (including
  • Organize editorial & advertising projects (Python/Django, Node/Grunt, PHP/Wordpress)
  • Build automated newsletters (Mailchimp) and social media bots (bitly, Twitter)
  • Edit and organize web content (daily & breaking news, online features, photos, video and social media)

2015-2017 | Volunteer/coordinator, UOHack

  • Organize and lead weekly meeting with University of Oregon students to discuss the intersection of storytelling and technology
  • Teach basic web skills
  • Assist with projects ranging in difficulty from basic HTML to complex data analysis

2011-2014 | Editor-in-chief/web developer/photographer, The CU Independent (student media)

  • Led more than 30 peers in newsroom environment
  • Created new digital brand & Wordpress website
  • Reported on several topics including hard news, sports & entertainment
  • Fostered creativity while instilling journalism ethics


  • Summer 2013 | Multimedia reporter (internship), Scripps Howard Foundation Wire (Washington D.C.)
  • January 2013 | Multimedia producer, PBS NewsHour InaugBlog (Washington D.C.)
  • Summer 2012 | Photojournalist (internship), The Greeley Tribune
  • Summers 2010, 2011 | Photographer & office assistant (internship), Clarkson Creative (Denver)



  • Python
  • SQL (Postgres)
  • git (Github/Bitbucket)

Content creation/curation

  • Social (TweetDeck, Facebook page management, etc.)
  • Editing (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator)
  • Analytics (Google Analytics, Chartbeat, Mather Economics)
  • Monetization (DFP, OpenX, Brightcove)


University of Colorado, 2014

Bachelor of Science - School of Journalism & Mass Communication
Minor - Technology, Arts & Media
Additional coursework - Marketing, computer science & advertising
GPA: 3.86
Affiliations and honors: Norlin Scholars, Kappa Tau Alpha Honor Society, SJMC Outstanding Graduate


  • Journalism (Effective communication methods, written or visual)
  • Building digital brands
  • Content marketing (Social, website, print, events)
  • Data analysis (SQL, Pandas)
  • Being outdoors