My name is Rob.

I tell stories.

Here's mine.

That's me.

No, not the one in the sweater vest, the one with the camera and sweet tie.
I've loved taking photos my whole life.

Mountain Vista Aerie

Fast forward a few years and high school I was shooting for the yearbook. This photo, taken after a homecoming win my senior year, connected me to the world of professional photojournalism by introducing me to Rich Clarkson.

Clarkson Creative

After meeting Rich in high school
I was honored to work with the
former National Geographic
Director of Photography
for two summers.


After I spent a summer interning with Rich, I started school at CU and began working for the school paper, the CU Independent. Since then, I've acted as a photographer, writer, videographer, editor and web developer.
As the editor-in-chief I led a rebranding effort of the entire organization. In that process I created a new website for the paper and later produced this video.

Greeley Tribune

After two years in school, I wanted to push my photography to the next level.
I took a summer internship at a print daily in eastern Colorado
where I photographed everything from
shootings and standoffs to rodeos and fracking.
Despite the clips I got of cops and cowboys,
this is one of my favorite images from that summer.

PBS NewsHour InaugBlog

Six months later, I was selected to cover Obama's second inauguration for the first-ever InaugBlog. I shot photos but also created maps of our content, my first introduction to interactive mapping and data.

Scripps Howard Foundation Wire

Then, after junior year, I returned to Washington D.C. for a summer internship with Scripps where I produced daily and investigative stories. The largest was a data-based project regarding public school information. You can see the interactive I created for that story below and see more on github.

This is me now.

I still love taking photos -- even if I don't have my favorite tie.
I also love hacking together a website and producing video.
So, if you're looking for a visual journalist for your newsroom let me know.

Other interests include:
- Social media
- Marketing
- Quoting Batman movies
- A hearty breakfast