I'm a digital guy at The Register-Guard. My job includes a lot of web development and maintenance.

Sometimes that means trying to pare down technical debt, sometimes that means making new things. I use a variety of languages, from the proprietary InterSystems Caché to Python, and a ton of HTML/CSS/JS.

At various other points in the day I may do data analysis, analytics reporting, social media management or photo editing.

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I believe alternative forms of storytelling can help build deeper reader engagement. Sometimes that means collaborating with different departments and sometimes that means digging through data.
  • I believe we should all try to be life-long learners.
  • I believe going on adventures, away from technology, can make you a better developer. Hikes and bike rides can help reset your mind and think of new ways to tackle complex logic problems.
  • I believe strong student media is the single most important thing to the future of the news industry. High school and college newsrooms should serve as incubators for new ideas and business models.

For more Rob, follow me on Twitter or check me out on LinkedIn or Github.